UC Davis BME students using machines in lab

BIC Mission

Bioengineering Institute of California

The Bioengineering Institute of California (BIC) was created to synergize the strengths and expertise of ten UC campuses. Our goal is to maintain a coherent and cohesive network for pursuit of inter-campus collaboration, sharing of UC resources, exchange of information, and advancing of bioengineering research and education in the UC system and beyond.


The mission of the Bioengineering Institute of California (BIC) is to synergize and enhance the activities and collaboration of the bioengineering departments/programs of all ten UC campuses to collectively enhance bioengineering research and education in the UC system. A primary objective is to elevate the status and impact of the faculty and students of bioengineering departments and programs UC Systemwide through promotion, mentoring, and collaboration. Further, the BIC aspires to be the national leader in bioengineering and in advancing a talented diverse workforce.


The specific goals of the BIC are:

  • To hold annual Systemwide Bioengineering Symposia to bring together students and faculty from all ten campuses to exchange information and foster interactions and collaborations in bioengineering and related fields.
  • To cultivate the next-generation of scientists/engineers in fields related to bioengineering by interdisciplinary and inter-campus training and mentoring through the California Academy of BioEngineering.
  • To generate extramural funding by preparing outstanding intercampus proposals that synergize the complementary strengths in bioengineering on the UC campuses.
  • To represent the Bioengineering community at national and international Bioengineering meetings.
  • To promote equity and diversity among the 10 campuses through educational programs and collaborative recruitment strategies.
Scott Simon

Scott I. Simon, Ph.D.
Director, Bioengineering Institute of California

Professor, Biomedical Engineering
University of California, Davis