California Academy of Bioengineering

The Bioengineering Institute of California's leadership will expand the reach of bioengineering beyond UC by initiating the California Academy of Bioengineering. The goal of the BIC is to synergize the strengths and expertise of all UC campuses and affiliated institutions to create a coherent and cohesive network for sharing of resources, exchange of information, and pursuit of inter-campus collaboration to advance bioengineering research and education in the UC system. This prestigious group consists of individuals who have achieved a high level of scholarship and leadership in our field as demonstrated by academic accomplishments that include membership in the National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering.

We envision that California Academy of Bioengineering in conjunction with the BIC will pursue the following goals:

  • Promote educational excellence and California’s leadership in bioengineering
  • Advise the California State Legislature on bioengineering research and education
  • Facilitate collaborations throughout California and beyond
  • Promote technology translation and development of the biotech/medtech industry in California
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion and promote and nominate future leaders in bioengineering throughout the state